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PUBG - Rissa a squadre #1
L'amatissimo battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds è ora su Overhack in un evento a premi. Offerto da PUBG Italia "Rissa a squadre #1" è il primo di quello che potrebbe essere una serie di eventi dedicati a PUBG per la sezione italiana....
Patch Notes
Overhack 3.0
Overhack 3.0 has arrived and completely changed style, features and much more. The new Overhack was developed to host and manage any type of Game Modes. One of this is an integrated Discord Bot that will replace the old Versus Ranked system....
That's for Streamers
Please welcome to the Twitch API integration. If you are subscribed to the Overhack Premium, you are now able to setup your account for Live Streaming. A little live button will be displayed on your Overhack Account, to let your followers and all the...
Calendar and Events System is now live!
Are you a Membership Player? Create now your Events or Tournaments for Groups/Teams or for Single Players mode. Add your Sponsor, official Streamers or external link to buy a ticket if its a LAN Event. Let's start with Overhack Events System...
Battle Royale System is now live!
The new Battle Royale System has finally been completed and soon the first trial seasons will be launched for our beloved Fortnite. What are you waiting for? Create your team now and try one of the first competitive areas dedicated to one of the grea...
Patch Notes
Username or Email?
Overhack is back
Seasons and Statistics
Thanks to all Warface's Players for partecipating in the Versus Ranked Beta System. Now it's time to create something different....
Versus Matchmaking System
No more random Teams, the new matchmaking system will create balanced teams....
Versus Ban System and Penalty Points
The Versus Ban System is now live! The staff is now allowed to temp-ban and perma-ban Players from Versus Ranked Matches....