That's for Streamers

Twitch is on Overhack

Hello everyone, passed long time from the last news. However a lot of interesting Premium and Free features are coming on our incredible E-Sports platform. Please welcome to the Twitch API integration. If you are subscribed to the Overhack Premium, you are now able to setup your account for Live Streaming. A little live button will be displayed on your Overhack Account, to let your followers and all the Overhack Community know that you are now live.

Stay tuned! The new League system is currently under development, near to launch official Brackets in Single and Double Eliminations as soon as possible.

Calendar and Events System is now live!

Are you a Membership Player? Create now your Events or Tournaments for Groups/Teams or for Single Players mode. Add your Sponsors, official Streamers or external links to buy a ticket if its a LAN Event. Let's start with Overhack Events System.

Once you have organized your event you can request to formalize it, to an Overhack Admin, on the new calendar system as a Community event. Soon with "Leaderboards", "Community Points" and "Community Rewards" systems.

Battle Royale System is now live!

The new Battle Royale System has finally been completed and soon the first trial seasons will be launched for our beloved Fortnite. What are you waiting for? Create your team now and try one of the first competitive areas dedicated to one of the greatest Battle Royales created with us!

From April 14th to 29th the first Open Best Match will be held. Sign up now, places are limited!

Username or Email, that's the question:

Hello everyone,
One of the most reported problems of the our platform is "I'm unable to login, i forgot my password". And that's why you're trying to login using your "Email" instead of your "Username".
You're happy to know that now you can login through the Overhack using both your credentials! That's incredible don't you think?

Anyway the "Password recovery system" is now under development with a Verification Code system that will send to your email a "Code" needed to reset your password. So you're not able to change your password once logged in, but only in case of "Reset".

Have fun and be fair,

The new platform is coming

After a pause of 2 months of updates and bug fixes Overhack decided to open the area to a new competitive system.
For the first time a dedicated competitive area is coming only on Overhack for the Battle Royale's Games! For this great event Overhack has decided to change totally the organization, creating a new Web Area.

In few days Overhack will change look. Don't worry you will not lose anything, but the platform can be very unstable. Sorry for this inconvenience, but trust me, something perfect is coming for the Community of Gamers. After the updates you may feel some sense of loss. Do not worry, just join our Discord Server, We will be more than happy to help you!

Have fun and be fair,

Seasons and Statistics

Thanks to all Warface's Players for partecipating in the Versus Ranked Beta System.
Now it's time to create something different. The Versus Ranked System is now based on Seasons and Statistics at the end of each Season. The Seasons can be created by an Admin or a Staff member, according to one of the following methods.

A Season can be created by an Overhack Admin or Staff according to one of the following scheme:

  1. Official Seasons
    • Subject to the official rules;
    • Subject to rewards, statistics and in-game prizes (where provided).
  2. Beta Test Seasons
    • Subject partially to the official rules;
    • May not be subject to​ rewards, statistics or in-game prizes;
    • Created to test specific functions of the Versus Ranked or the Anti-Cheat;
    • All matches played in a test season could be deleted at any time​.

For all Warface's Players: You can check all Warface's Seasons by clicking here.

Have fun and be fair,

Versus Matchmaking System

One of the most important features in a competitive Platform is a precise System that creates matches with mostly balanced Teams. The Versus System is born to ensure free competitive matches with global, monthly and season leadeboards. That Leaderboards are based on the Single Player, as soon as prizes will be added for those who reach certain positions.

We also hope that Gaming Companies will support us and the Overhack project by offering in-game prizes, otherwise we will be forced to limit the platform to monthly subscriptions for the same "Gaming Companies" and not for the Players. The Players and the Overhack Anti-Cheat will remain free as a project of a guarantee of fair play.

Have fun and be fair,

Versus Ban System and Penalty Points

The Versus Ban System is now live!
The Staff is now allowed to temp-ban and perma-ban Players from Versus Ranked Matches, according to the following scheme:

  • Invalid game accounts: From 1 week to permanent;
  • Leaving Match: From 24h to 1 month;
  • Suspect of cheating: From 1 year to permanent;
  • Suspect of 3rd party: From 1 month to permanent;
  • Unwanted behaviour: From 24h to permanent;

Versus Auto-ban System

Is now live also an Auto-ban system. The Players not ready at the end of a Versus Ranked match will receive a temp-ban from 1 day to 1 week and penalty points according to the game mode. The Leader of a Team can also close a match if a Player is not ready to play after 5 minutes of match starts.

Have fun and be fair,

The future of Competitive Gamers is here!

Overhack Anti-Cheat and Overhack Play is now live. Challange your friends and show your skill in the new Versus Ranked System. With a dedicated and innovative Anti-Cheat, for the first time a dedicated competitive system with a server-side anti-cheat application, to ensure fair and clear matches for anyone.

What are you waiting for? Let's start with Overhack.

You need support or just searching for Players/Team? Join now our official Discord Server.

FAQ What about Overhack Project

Overhack Project General questions about Overhack Project

You can create an Overhack account by clicking here. Next you've to compile the full module with your information. Remember, use a strong password. By clicking to the registration button an activation link will be sent to your email; check it and activate it.
  • Make sure you've disabled your Anti-Virus. It's an unsigned application, then subject to DREP detection
  • Make sure you're downloading the Anti-Cheat application using the following link:
  • Please check this example:
  • 100 is the code of your session.

Overhack Anti-Cheat How to download/install/use Overhack Anti-Cheat

SOLUTION 1: Please check that your account was successfully activated by logging-in here.

SOLUTION 2: Due to spam protection you've to wait 5 minutes at the end of a session to create a new one.

SOLUTION 3: Please check that you closed properly your last session by clicking here. If not, force it and then wait 5 minutes as specified from the Solution 2.
Account not checked properly (The Anti-Cheat didn't find your account on our Server) or Account permanently banned.
There was an internal Client or Server error. Please restart the PC, then try again. If the problem persist please join the official Discord Server for support.
The selected Game was currently blocked and cannot create Sessions due to one of the following reasons:
  • Anti-Cheat Game Maintenance;
  • Overhack has temporarily or permanently blocked the game;
  • The official Game Community Manager does not allow the use of the Anti-Cheat Software.
SOLUTION 1: Restart the Client, looking for updates or click on the Update button on top menu of the Anti-Cheat Client.

SOLUTION 2: The Anti-Cheat Client was stopped due to maintenance.

FAQ What about Overhack Play

Battle Royale How to use Overhack Play: Battle Royale System

The Battle Royale System is a competitive area for each Battl Royale's type of games, such as "Fortnite", "Players Unknown Battleground" etc.. Thanks to this area, you and your group are allowed to join Battle Royale Seasons, to compete against other groups in your favorite game, earning, match by match, Battle Points, in a global, monthly and daily leaderboard.
  • You must be logged in to join a Battle Royale Season.
  • You have to create a Group for the specified Game wich your are going to join to.
  • You and your group members can join just one Battle Season per game before of its start date.
  • By joining a Battle Season you've to wait the match creations.
  • Please make sure that you and all of your group members have already a game account specified for the game that you are going to play for, or your will be subject to kick/ban and penalty points from Battle Royale.

Global rules

Many times, depending on the game, there are specific rules to play a game on Overhack Platform. You can check the documentation by clicking here.
Remember that a Group Leader is responsible of the all members inside of that group.


If you're already subscribed to a Battle Royale Season but there is nothing to do, just wait! Soon as possible an Overhack Admin will create a match day.

On match start

  • Launch the Overhack Anti-Cheat application and let's start a new Anti-Cheat session. (Click here to download the Overhack Anti-Cheat Client)
  • Launch your game.
  • You and your group members have only 15 minutes to join the match (using the invitation link if needed).

At the end of a Match

  • If you're the Leader of a group, reaching the TOP 10th position at the end of a match, please make an in-game screenshot (or more if needed) as a proof of your position and total kills.
  • Close the game
  • End your Anti-Cheat session, waiting the upload of the Anti-Cheat screenshots.
  • You've only 30 minutes to add your Anti-Cheat Session code to the Battle Royale Match. If even one of the group members has not added their own anti-cheat code that group will be automatically disqualified.

At the end of a Season

You and your Group are free to join a new Battle Royale Season for the same game.
If we promised you some in-game or external prizes don't worry, we will take care about prizes as soon as possible, contacting (usually) the Group Leader through the Discord or Email, so don't forget to use the same Overhack Nickname on Discord.

Versus Ranked How to user Overhack Play: Versus Ranked System

  • You must be logged in to join a queue on Versus Ranked System. Click here to login with your credentials
  • You must have a game account for a specified game section to join a queue.
  • Click on button of the left menu;
  • Select your game;
  • Select your game server and game mode;
  • Click on 'Start searching' button and let's wait for a match;
  • When your match is ready a sound will be played, warning you to click on "Go to the match page" button or redirecting you directly to the created match.
  • You must have a game account for a specified game section to join a queue.
  • Select your game;
  • Add your in-game nickname.

Global rules

  • 2 Leaders will be selected (1 per Team);
  • Only the Leaders are allowed to create the in-game room;
  • Only the Leaders are allowed to add and confirm the result at the end of the match;
  • Both Teams have to join the correct Discord Vocal Rooms;

When both teams are ready:

  • Start Overhack Anti-Cheat;
  • Click on "Create a new session" button;
  • Select your Game Session;
  • Wait for the initialization;
  • When the session is ready, start your game and join yor match room.

At the end of your match:

  • Close your game;
  • Return to the Anti-Cheat and click on "End session" button;
  • Wait for the upload of the screenshots;
  • A public link of your session will be generated (Example: where 535 is the code of your session)
  • Return to the match page;
  • Click on "Add a session code" button, then add your session code.

If you are a leader of that match:

  • Add the result of the match (screenshot of the result needed) by clicking to the "Add result" button on the right bar of the match page;
  • When the result was added, the second Leader have to refresh the match page, then click on "Confirm Result" button on the right bar of the match page.