I'm new

Hey Player, this is your first time here? Bad... very very bad, you've to learn so much! 🤓

# Create a new Account

Create an Overhack Account is so easy:

  • Click here to join the page;
  • Compile the entire module on the right side (Register now);
  • Confirm the account by using the link sent to your email;
  • Let's start with Overhack.

# Recover an existing Account

Recover an Overhack Account is so easy:

  • Click here to join the page;
  • Type your existing account email using the module on bottom of the login (Forgot your Password?);
  • Type the verification code sent to your email and the new password;
  • You've recovered your account.

Manage Account

Let's add more personal informations 😉

# Avatar

You are allowed to change your Account Avatar anytime that you wish.
Don't forget to follow our code of conduct by uploading contents or you will be subject to kick or ban from our services.

Contents that will result in immediate ban:

Create an Overhack Account is so easy:

  • Illegal contents or that can arouse or incite hatred or violence of any kind.
  • Politics contents;
  • Sexual contents;
  • Religious contents;

# Personal informations

We recommend to specify more true information possibles, at least First and Last name and an email that we can use to contact you if needed. It's an E-Sports platform subject to call you for special or lan events.

Naturally you are free to choose everything you want to share with us. No one will allowed to see informations like "Name" or "Email", as they are visible only on Staff in special cases.

You are allowed to use the "Description" field as you wish, adding contents that follows our code of conduct.
You can add links only in the following cases:

  • It's a website of a Team/Community/Multi-Gaming or Overhack Partners.
  • Not contains any competitors (such any other E-Sports platform - Eg: Adding any ESL / Faceit and similar links);

# Address and PayPal informations

No one can see your Address or PayPal informations. The only one are the Staff authorized to use it in case of prizes on a specified Tournament.
For example, if you joined and won a Tournament with shipping prizes, you will receive that prizes on the specified address. Instead of the Tournament has a real-money prizes, it will be sent directly to your PayPal Account.
In both cases is needed a maximum of 60 working days to receive your prizes.

Free features

Everything you can do with a poor... ehm Standard Account 🤔

# Manage Game Accounts

A game account is the nickname of your in-game account. For example mine is "Rivenworth" on Fortnite. You must add a Game Account of a specified Game by joining any competition. Like this, your enemies can see you in-game nickname, adding you if needed. If you join a Tournament without adding a Game Account you will be kicked from the Tournament. If you are part of a Team, the whole Team risk to be kicked.
You can add just one In-Game Nickname per game. If you change your in-game nickname, you must change it also on the Overhack Platform by deleting the old and adding the new one.

Click here to manage your Game Accounts.

# Manage Teams

You can create unlimited Team and join each Tournament that you want. Don't forget that a Team is directly connected to a game. So that Team is allowed to join Tournaments only for the specified Teams.

Each team has its own system of cumulative points, which will allow them to be positioned within the platform Leaderboards. There are a lot of Leaderboards, depending on the kind of the Tournament that you are playing. For example, by joining a Battle Royale Season, your Team will earn Battle Points. If your Team will join a League or a Tournament, that Team will earn League points.

The points earned are not used only for Leaderboards. By getting points, you team will receive a specified total of experience points, to level up and to show anyone that your Team could be the best!

Click here to manage your Teams.

# View Orders

Are you so rich to buy products on our Store? Awesome, so here you can see all of your orders and status. To buy products on the store you must use Overhack Coins (OC). The Overhack Coins are an internal Overhack currency, please check the "Shop" are to know more.

Click here to view all of your orders.

# Manage Wallet

You can charge or chargeback your wallet as you with but as specified from our guidelines.

  • If you have a Standard Account, your limit of Coins is limited to 5.000OC;
  • With the Overhack Boost you can collect unlimited Overhack Coins and not only.

To charge your wallet you must click on "Charge" button on top-right of your Wallet Management Area, clicking on your package, then completing your order via PayPal (Credit Card and Bank trasfer allowed).

To chargeback your wallet you must click on "Chargeback" button top-right of your Wallet Management Area, selecting all of your OC to convert in EUR.

Click here to manage your wallet.

Boosted features

money, money money mlmlmlml... Hey rich Player, here your boosted features! 🤑

# Discord for rich Players

By joining the Overhack Boost community, you unlocked interesting features on our Discord Server:

  • First of all, check if you have the Overhack Boost power;
  • Make sure you have binded your Discord Account to your Overhack Account;
  • Not yet? Then type !premium in the #bot text channel.
  • Anything with the power yet? Ok it's time to call an @Overhack Staff.
  • If you finally got the Overhack Boost power, you can now join special rooms and chat on the Server!

Why are you reading me yet? Go... run to the Discord Server now.

# Manage Communities

Are you an official Manager or a Community of multi-games? This feature is perfect for you! A Community was developed for Multi-gaming, creating a big group to include each single Community Teams. This is usefull to create Community based Leadeboards.

A Community is also an area where the Overhack Community can post contents, comments, images, videos and more!

The area is currently under development but stay tuned, it will come soon!

# Manage Events

Create your online or local event, tournament, match or leaderboard. Thanks to this feature, you are allowed to host events by your own. For Players or Teams only, you can configure an event that will be automatically included to the Overhack Calendar.

Click here to manage your Events.

# Manage Guestbook

You can now manage the comments from your Guestbook. Someone insulted you and the Staff won't help you? This is probably what you need, to delete the comments on your guestbook.

You are not boosted but someone is spamming your guestbook with contents against our code of conduct? Please Contact us now!