Here you can find all that you need when integrating any Tournament or other contents inherent to Overhack Project.

By using any content created or hosted by Overhack you must follow our guidelines as described here. Violating also one of these terms, you will be subject to kick/ban from our Partnership program.

Any content inside this documentation and in the press-kit file must be used as described, without any modification (colors, sizes, texts and uppercases must be the same).

Download Press-Kit

News, posts and other informative contents inherent to Overhack Project

  • The Post must contain Hosted by Overhack (;
  • The Post must contain the name of the Tournament as specified on the Overhack Platform (Example: Battle Royale Tournament #1);
  • The Post image (if available) must contain at least one of the following files contained in the Press-Kit:
    • logo.png
    • logo-white.png

Streaming and other live promoted contents

  • The title of the Stream must contain Hosted by Overhack;
  • Waiting for official Stream Elements development, you are allowed to use one of the following images (inside the Press-Kit file), in a corner of your Live Stream:
    • logo.png
    • logo-white.png
    • overhack.png
    • overhack-white.png

If you need support on how to setup our overlay, please join our Discord Server, using the #support text channel needed.

Partner on their websites or official web pages.

Social Network Covers
  • Apply the image partner.png or partner-white.png on your Social Media Cover;
Footers and Partner sliders
  • Apply the image partner.png or overhack-white.png on your Footer Section AND Partner dedicated Pages ;
  • The image must be a child of <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.
Streaming Channels
  • Apply the image partner-streamer.png as box description (for Twitch Streamers).
  • Add Overhack Partner - to the channel description (for YouTube Streamers).

Are you interested to be an official Overhack Streamer, a Partner or a Sponsor?

  • Join our Discord Server to know more;
  • What kind of request are you looking for?
  • Make sure you received the right instructions from one of the following Staff Roles:
    • @Overhack Admin
    • @Community Manager