Everything you need to start using your wallet on Overhack Coins and Shop.

Overhack Coins

The Overhack Coins (OC) are an internal currency of the platform, created to simplify transactions across the entire platform, useful to buy the boost (explained later) and products in the shop, sold by both Overhack and third-party vendors.

Each user has his own portfolio that can be managed through a special section, by clicking here. The wallet can be recharged via a quick transaction with PayPal, using your credit card or your PayPal Account.

0,01€/cent = 1 Overhack Coins

Charge Wallet

By recharging the wallet, the User waives the right to reimbursement, except for the use of the chargeback function (specified below).

To recharge your wallet you must join to your Overhack Account by clicking here. Choose your purchase package and confirm payment via PayPal.

Thanks to the PayPal integration, you are allowed to use your Credit Card or a Bank Transfer to complete a Payment.

Chargeback Wallet

Anyone is allowed to perform a chargeback, as described from the following guidelines:

Basic way
  • You must have at least 1.000OC;
  • You must request a step of 1.000OC chargeback;
  • You must request a maximum chargeback of 100.000OC (for Boosted and Partner Players) and maximum 5.000OC (for Standard Players);
  • You can request 1 chargeback per month.
Vendor way
  • Generally a Vendor is subject to the same guidelines as specified from the "Basic way";
  • In some case a Vendor can ask for a new limit of OC to chargeback or more chargeback per months. Please contact us if you are interested to know more.