Discord Social Login

Discord Social Login

Yeah, I know, registering an account by manually entering all the informations could be boring and repetitive. Do not worry, now you can connect your favorite Social by clicking a button. We have integrated the social login via Discord and soon more will come!

By clicking on the button Sign-in via Discord you will have to authorize Overhack check your Discord Account and your email.

What happens if i've already a registered Overhack Account?
Your Discord Account will be automatically bindend to your existing Overhack Account, if the email is the same of your Discord Account.

What if the Discord email is different?
Overhack will create a new account trying to use a combination of your Discord Username:

  • {discord_username};
  • discord_{discord_username};
  • discord_{discord_id}_{discord_username};
If no one are available, we suggest to call an exorcist! Jk, just create first your account manually (activating it and using the same email of your Discord account), then logging-in using your Discord account. It will be automatically binded and you will be ready to use the social login via Discord ;)

Have fun an be fair,