Seasons and Statistics

Seasons and Statistics

Thanks to all Warface's Players for partecipating in the Versus Ranked Beta System.
Now it's time to create something different. The Versus Ranked System is now based on Seasons and Statistics at the end of each Season. The Seasons can be created by an Admin or a Staff member, according to one of the following methods.

A Season can be created by an Overhack Admin or Staff according to one of the following scheme:

  1. Official Seasons
    • Subject to the official rules;
    • Subject to rewards, statistics and in-game prizes (where provided).
  2. Beta Test Seasons
    • Subject partially to the official rules;
    • May not be subject to​ rewards, statistics or in-game prizes;
    • Created to test specific functions of the Versus Ranked or the Anti-Cheat;
    • All matches played in a test season could be deleted at any time​.

For all Warface's Players: You can check all Warface's Seasons by clicking here.

Have fun and be fair,