Quality Assurance

For the first time, a Discord Based bot integrated with an E-Sports Platform to generate random matches directly from the Discord Server.

Fastest and stable

Thanks to the Discord API's integration, the bot will generate queues and matches directly on the platform. Connect your Discord account and join from Discord.

Support 24h

Our Staff for you everyday, thanks to one of the best Gamers Social Network, for any kind of support needed! Join now the Discord Server.
Discord Battle is actually a beta system Click Here if you need support.

Join Command Generator

Match Look-up

Coming Soon

Commands List

  • !check
    Check if you've already binded your Overhack Account and Discord Account
  • !register <player_id> <verification_code>
    Bind Overhack Account with your Discord Account
  • !join <game_id> <gamemode_id>
    Join a queue
  • !leave
    Leave queue if in
  • !match <match_id>
    Get match informations
  • !result <match_id> <score_1> <score_2>
    Set result for a match